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  • Real Estate: How to Sell a Home

    You will learn how to hire and find the right agent, what’s necessary to fix or not fix before putting your house on the market, tips on home staging, how to price your home and different techniques to generate more interest and offers. The class will also focus on the home selling process from beginning to end including the offer process and negotiating techniques.
  • Introduction to Honeybees and Beekeeping

    Bees perform approximately 80% of all pollination worldwide and bee colonies have declined precipitously over the last few years. Maintaining a backyard beehive can help increase our local bee population which in turn will foster community pollination and support our local food supplies. Come learn about the importance of honeybees, gain a general knowledge of honey bee biology, and how to care for honey bees throughout the year. Students will be taught how to recognize common honey bee ailments and pests, as well as the methods for treating them.
  • Real Estate Investing Workshop

    Real estate investing can be lucrative if you know what you are doing, but it can also set you up for failure if you don’t. The trouble is that many new investors don’t know where or how to invest. Participants will learn how to find a property that can be an additional income stream and how to avoid getting into trouble with tenants. Along with learning how to buy an income-generating rental property in this competitive market, we will discuss MA laws that every landlord needs to know to protect themselves. We review proven tips on being a thoughtful and respected landlord and financing and property maintenance costs.
  • Residential Addition 101

    If you have been thinking of adding on to your house, but don’t know where to start, this one night class is for you! Nancy will give an overview of the design and construction process for residential additions and renovations. The class will review zoning and septic issues, programming, budgeting, whether to “move or stay”, the architectural process, contractor selection, permitting and what to expect during construction. Time will be allowed for questions about your specific project.
  • Kitchen & Bath Remodel Workshop

    Have an idea for a kitchen or bath remodel but need some insight? Local kitchen and bath designer Mary Regan will help you workshop your ideas. She’ll review your plans ahead of time, then help figure out next steps from lighting and cabinet types to countertop materials. Mary will share her ideas from her years of experience designing kitchens and baths. Time will be allowed for questions about your specific kitchen or bath remodel project.