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  • SAT: Math Review

    The goal of this 5-week course is to practice the types of questions that will be asked on the SAT and practice test-taking strategies designed to raise students' scores. Students will learn about time management and the benefits of taking an educated guess. Last, students will review skills learned in prior or current math classes and the best way to approach the exam based on their individual skills. As students become more familiar with the test and practice test-taking strategies, their confidence and scores are sure to grow! With the SAT changing to a digital-only implementation in Spring 2024, students MUST respond to the survey sent in the week prior to taking the course in order to incorporate appropriate practice problems in the class - their intended test-taking dates will inform the level of paper-based and/or computer-based practice problems used in the class. Additionally, students should bring a computer to each class with the SAT Bluebook Application downloaded prior to the first class, and bring the graphing calculator they will use on test day.
  • SAT: Verbal Review

    The SAT asks students to use analytical skills they have been developing throughout high school to tackle sections that are becoming increasingly academic (and less tricky). In this 5-week course, students will learn and practice strategies to conquer the reading and language sections of the test. The final week will be a practice test. As students become more comfortable with each section of the SAT format, their confidence will increase and so will their scores!
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